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Tindersticks (N&N Festival)


OPEN Live Music
20 Bank Plain/28 Castle Meadow NR2 4SF/NR1 3DS Norwich England
Tindersticks released their first album in 1993, an audacious and acclaimed seventy-nine minute self-produced double album, it broke many supposed rules of how records should be made. The band have continued to explore and develop their sound, touring the world, scoring films, writing and recording with many artists and orchestras.

Now on their tenth studio album, The Waiting Room, original members Stuart A. Staples, Neil Fraser and David Boulter are joined full time by bassist Dan Mckinna and drummer Earl Harvin. Two decades into their musical voyage Tindersticks, established masters of restraint and poetic human emotion, are a band now confidently creating the best songs of their career on this, their most ambitious, diverse and elaborate album recorded in recent years.

Each song from the album will be performed in accompaniment with a specially commissioned film, projected on a cinematic scale. In collaboration with La Blogotheque and the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival this will be a truly immersive audio-visual event.

Responsible adults will be present on the premises on occasions where 14-17 year olds are within the licensable area and alcohol is offered. Responsible adults will be at least 18 and may be companions of 14-17 year old guests but they must be readily identifiable to bar staff.(The responsible adult can accompany up to four Under 18’s and will be expected to remain on the premises).